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position for hotel industry and build up a one-stop

orm for various commercial properties!

Hotel Plus (Hotelex Shanghai Phase II) held in Shanghai at the end of April every year, focuses on products, service and solutions from building & decoration, engineering & design, to furniture & lighting, space & furnishing, and retail and franchise chain for various commercial spaces like hotel, restaurant and complex. HOTELEX Shanghai Phase I combined catering equipment, high-end food and beverage together to form a global hotel gala (400,000 m2) that attracted 4,000 exhibitors and 200,000 buyers at home and abroad.

  • 01

    Promote communication among industry insiders, including hotel owners, commercial
    property developers, importers and exporters; Provide the latest analysis of the trend of
    commercial property market, and the development momentum of hotel and real estate industry.

  • 02

    Present more than 100 renowned special activities together with world-class events
    to provide visitors with the most special experience

  • 03

    Pool together elite architectural designers of hotel industry and real estate circle to
    disseminate the latest conceptions and ideas of design

  • 04

    More than 130,000 service providers with relation to designing and construction
    engineering will attend and shop at the event

  • 05

    Utilize the massive industrial database of the sponsor, which contains over 120,000 entries,
    to effective help clients obtain the most profitable industrial return

  • 06

    The sponsor has not only great strengths, but also supports from over 50
    authoritative industrial associations









Hotel Supply

Appliance Amenities
Textile & Uniform
IT & Security
Hotel Investment & Franchisees

E5 Appliance Amenities

E6 Textile & Uniform

E7 IT & Security,Hotel Investment & Franchisees

Commercial Properties

Building & Decoration
Interior Design
Expo Lighting、Hotel Furniture

E1 Building & Decoration

E3 Interior Design

E2 DecorationFitness

E4 Expo Lighting

W1-W2 Hotel Furniture & Deco

World Of Retail

Franchise 、Retail 、Clean
China Vending & Self-service
Properly Management

N1 Clean

N3 Franchise

N5 Retail

N2 Clean+Property Management

N4 China Vending & Self-service

Boat & Leisure

Boat Equipment & Accessories
Travel & Leisure

W3 Water Sports,Travel leisure

W5 Boat

W4 Boat Equipment&Accessories

Review of the Exhibition


Debuted on April 26-29, 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), the Exhibition cover a total area of 200,000 square meters, attracting more than 2, 000 corporate participants from 120 countries and regions, including famous brands such as Haier, Daikin, Panasonic, etc. The four-day exhibition has seen 136,622 visits in total. Some of them are high-end buyers from industries including hotel, real estate, architectural design, interior design, commercial properties, decoration, and so on. The brought great demands of purchase for such sectors as hotel, food and beverage and other areas of commercial properties. HOTEL PLUS provides an industrial pageant of exchange that not only is highly professional but also features great involvement, making it one of the very few China's leading commercial property operators combining top-class products and professional visitors.

90% of exhibitors are willing to continue exhibiting

98% of exhibitors are satisfied with this exhibition

Visitors Industry distribution

  • Architect/designer

  • Starred hotel/hostel/holiday inn

  • Real estate developer/property management

  • Decoration company/construction contractor

  • Importer/Exporter & purchaser

  • Manufacturer

  • Restaurant/café/bakery

  • Distributor/agent

  • Bar/club/entertainment premises

Events Overview

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