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10 Lighting Highlights From Euroluce 2017

2017-04-12 Tag: Euroluce 2017

Euroluce 2017,10 Lighting Highlights From Euroluce 2017


The Blow Me Up LED light by Theo Möller for Ingo Maurer comes rolled up in a can and inflates in a flash. Photography courtesy of Ingo Maurer.
An LED strip is integrated into Blow Me Up's plastic inflatable air hose. Photography courtesy of Ingo Maurer.
The Blow Me Up LED light by Theo Möller can lean or be fastened to the ceiling or wall with hooks or nylon cord. Photography courtesy of Ingo Maurer.
The porcelain, textile cable, blown glass, and varnished metal Filo light by Andrea Anastasio for Foscarini has the spontaneity of temporary lighting in an industrial setting. Photography courtesy of Foscarini.
LED retrofit, Filo is available as a table, floor, wall, or suspension light. Photography courtesy of Foscarini.
The powder-coated steel LED Yuh lamp by GamFratesi for Louis Poulsen was designed to maximize function within limited space. Photography courtesy of Louis Poulsen.
Yuh's shade can be personalized—rotating, rising, or lowering on a whim—and a button acts as both switch and dimmer. Photography courtesy of Louis Poulsen.
A bird's nest of light, the Pili pendent by Arturo Álvarez is formed from a single painted stainless-steel thread, woven into random, voluminous forms. Photography courtesy of Arturo Álvarez.
What happens when soda water combines with an extremely hot glass matrix? Meet Bocci's 87 LED light, which loops and folds back onto itself, for unexpected arrangement with no boundaries. Photography courtesy of Bocci.
87's gentle glow comes from a low-voltage xenon or LED light source which casts light through microfilaments. Photography courtesy of Bocci.
Envision the rainbow projected from a glass prism on to a wall and you have the Blush lamp by Formafantasma for Flos. With an LED strip and a piece of dichroic glass incased in a painted or brushed extruded aluminum frame, Blush casts slender colorful spectrums. Photography courtesy of Flos.

Daniel Rybakken designed two additions to the Compendium family of lights for Luceplan. The Compendium Circle pendent light layers up to three aluminum rings and has both direct (from below) and indirect (from above) lighting. Photography courtesy of Luceplan.
Rendered in anodized extruded aluminum, Compendium Plate by Daniel Rybakken can be ceiling- or wall-mounted. Photography courtesy of Luceplan.
The treelike Baobab by Paolo Grasselli for Modoluce is offered with three or six arms, as a suspension or floor lamp. Photo courtesy of Modoluce.

Past encases future with the Harry H. pendent by Carlotta de Bevilacqua for Artemide, which places two light sources—advanced LED and OLED technology—within traditional blown glass. Photography courtesy of Artemide.

The Harry H. light by Carlotta de Bevilacqua has adjustable OLED panels which reveal a mirrored surface when turned off. Photography courtesy of Artemide.
The Sound collection of metal lamps by Giovanni Battista Gianola for Masiero is inspired by the precise curves and shiny metal of the brass section of an orchestra. Photography courtesy of Masiero.
The Sound collection by Giovanni Battista Gianola. Photography courtesy of Masiero.