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REDCLIFF welcomes you to new experience our new international product sourcing, quality control and logistics services. For over 25 years sourcing experience, we have been working with small and large companies worldwide to source products from Asia.Partner with REDCLIFF and find out how our professional services can be beneficial to your business.Our motto is "Care what our clients need". We are dedicated to satisfy our partner's needs. Identify factory's capacity and integrating factory's specialities to partner's need is the key to success in current business world. REDCLIFF will break down the traditional barriers between the factories and our partner. The quality of the relationship between the parties is our priority Extension of your Company Our goal is to function like an extension of your own organization and business while also can provide some objective advice/suggestions to safeguard partner's long-term good will. Close to the Manufacturer Cultural difference, contrasting lifestyle, personal preferences, political environment and geography distance make the sourcing, negotiation, quality control and shipment not an easy as we think. Control the Manufacturing Process REDCLIFF is experienced in this business to know that most Asian suppliers do not manage their manufacturing process the way that western manufacturer would. We will monitor, control and facilitate this process for you. Low Costs Larger buyers would consider to establish their own buying office in China where they have a concentration of primary sources. However this step should not be taken without careful weighting of the cost. There are usually less costly and more flexible ways to achieve the same objective. Reduce your overhead and traveling to monitor and inspect products REDCLIFF are professionals for sourcing and inspection to reduce your overhead. Our goal is to function like an extension of your own organization and business. Reach the shipping schedule In view of the shipping schedule we are more upfront to the forwarder and will report each critical information which can jeopardize the shipment in time. We act as an extension of our partner's business operations in sourcing, inspecting (quality control) and making sure they receive their required products in specified quality and timeframe. Contact us to see how we can assist you in China.

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