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Unbounded Retail: JD.COM x Qumei to Build Digital Home Store

06-20 15:37

JD x Qumei's “Fashion Life Experience Museum” is a new trial for JD.COM to implement the concept “Unbounded Retail” into the furniture industry and build the digital home store. It mainly concerns 3 aspects: Scientific and technological enablement, Big data selection and Immersive experience....【MORE+】

Google Invests $550 Millions USD in China JD.COM, Rival to Amazon in E-Commerce

06-19 09:57

After this investment of Google, more Chinese furniture e-commerce brands will run out of China, vice versa.【MORE+】

Charpa: Manufacture the Home Textiles Products with the New Spaceflight Materials

06-18 09:14

Charpa is a new technology enterprise researching, developing and designing the home scientific and technological products based on the new spaceflight and aviation materials. 【MORE+】

Baidu x Yihua Life: AI Whole-House Customized Smart Home

06-13 09:36

AI smart home suit sales in 8 Yihua Smart Home Experience Halls completed in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou...【MORE+】

Shangpin Home Collection: Take the Blockchain into Volunteer Activity

06-08 09:37

Introduce the concept of Blockchain into charity activities. He explained that "Love Shangpin Project" would realise the platform operation. 【MORE+】

Rival IKEA, Germany‘s Home24 plans IPO in online furniture sales

06-07 13:35

Launched in 2009 in Berlin, the loss-making firm delivers furniture in seven European markets, plus Brazil. 【MORE+】

Internet Home Decoration Companies in China Will Be Reshuffled

06-07 10:33

Unqualified companies with no home decoration foundation has made big only with the assistance of capitals and have opened the big stores, advertised, given a discount and conducted the internal incentive crazily so they will certainly be out in the baptism of the market.【MORE+】

Technology: 51VR Appeared in GIIS 2018 with the New Retail Product of Home Furnishings

06-01 11:09

By the new retail products of home furnishings, the stores can restore the consumers’ house model space ...【MORE+】

South China Furniture Industry Area: the largest furniture trade and distributing center in Southeast Asia

05-30 13:31

Industrial cluster, industrial supply chain and brand advantages.【MORE+】

China: The Largest Furniture Export Country in the World with Customized Home Furnishings Expanding Continuously

05-30 11:59

China has been not only the largest furniture export country in the world, but also the largest furniture production country in the world.【MORE+】

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