Chinese furniture brand -Fnji, in cooperation with Frank Chou, has released the experimental branch product - FF series

04-13 16:14

Each piece of furniture is added with upholstered and metal elements, given a variety of colors and forms.

Furniture exchange program in Shenzhen lets local residents trade their makeshift seats

04-18 19:30

Although the objects are often poorly constructed from cheap materials, and without any sense of aesthetics, the designs are economically made to serve very practical purposes.

China posts strong first-quarter growth as robust consumer demand buffers trade worries

04-18 19:09

“Consumption is really strong, there is strong wage growth in urban areas. We underestimated the power of consumption in China.”

Wutopia Lab's pink and blue houses explore ideas of masculine and feminine

04-18 09:28

His House and Her House is a conceptual installation, which was aiming to discuss the contrasting roles of men and women in the kitchen and how this is reflected in dietary habits.

Markor Household Products opened the new mode of soft decoration in Chengdu

04-13 16:05

Markor Furnishings provides consumers with a platform for one-stop shopping and art home experience through a new combination of formats.

Baidu released the first intelligent screen speaker, named "Xiao Du At Home", priced at RMB 599

04-13 15:57

The convenience demands and family company needs of the elderly and children for family voice communication.

Floral Window by Chinese designers Cong Ma Will appear at Milan Design Week 2018

04-12 16:49

This is the first exposure to Triennale Design Week Chinese designers Cong Ma with his working group Hundredicrafts.

Airland Group aims for 1,000 Therapedic, Medicoil stores in China

04-12 16:42

The Airland Group has launched Therapedic as its luxury bedding brand throughout China.

15 must-see exhibitions and installations at Milan design week 2018

04-10 18:18

Milan design week takes place from 17 to 22 April 2018.

Ikea opens mini-stores to boost Southeast Asian presence

04-09 17:19

Showrooms in smaller cities are a low-cost way to reach the middle class.

Swiss Ingenuity Shines at Shenzhen Creative Week

04-02 18:05

It’s an ambiance lamp, but the message is to use the technology to connect us to nature and be more aware of what is nature.”

Alibaba takes the lead of China's household trend based on big data

03-30 16:14

Based on the big data analysis of the platform, Tmall has captured that during the last year, household products centering on key words such as sleep, intelligence, the second child and storage cabinet have realized significant growth of sales revenue.

China will carry out several new regulations about household furnishing in 2018

03-30 16:01

Repainting service standard;Modification for furniture technical requirements;Stricter requirements for formaldehyde release;Tree categories of redwood products may be altered;

China customized household furniture enterprises have realized substantial growth

03-30 15:46

The overall performance is high;Complete the strategic layout.

Nick Scali CEO Sells Half His Holding To China

03-29 18:40

Nick Scali has a market value of $568 million.

A Leading Furniture Handles Manufacturer Launches New Style Furniture Handles - Rochehandle

03-29 18:15

The range includes Zinc Furniture handles, Antique handles, Gold Plated handles, Crystal handles, and industrial handles to name a few.

CIFF organizer, Red Star sign partnership for future shows

03-29 17:56

Both parties will integrate their advantages and pool efforts so that exhibitors and visitors can be more focused in event participation and sharing.

Japan’s wooden kitchen furniture imports increased by 16% in December

03-28 09:32

Year-on-year Japan’s imports of wooden kitchen furniture were up 16% in December 2017, but month-on-month imports fell around 10%,

Italian premium leather furniture manufacturer, Natuzzi, officially signed the joint venture agreement with Kuka

03-27 18:38

Jason Furniture (Kuka) is one of the largest upholstery furniture manufacturers and retailers in China.

Shanghai home textile show sees 12% increase in attendance

03-27 18:15

March 14-16 Intertextile event drew 20,780 visitors from 68 countries.

Ashley Furniture opens flagship in Kallang, Singapore

03-26 18:30

The American furniture chain store's Singapore outlet stocks products from five lifestyle collections.