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In the first half of 2017, the custom-made furnishing sector in China sets off four major upsurges

China, custom-made furnishing,In the first half of 2017, the custom-made furnishing sector in China sets off four major upsurges


In the first half of 2017, the development of the custom sector in China was fiery and the enterprises continued to contribute.

IPO "upsurge"

In 2017, the custom-made furnishing companies ushered in the IPO intensively, "custom upsurge" was pushed to the top of household industry public opinion, and the industrial scale was expanding unceasingly.

①On Mar. 7, Shangpin Home Collection was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with RMB 27 million shares, raising RMB 1.81 billion of funds.

②On Mar. 10, Piano was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and issued no more than RMB 15.6 million shares, raising more than RMB 480 million.

③ On Mar. 28, OPPEIN Household Group Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and successful landing A-share board. The opening stock prices went up all the way, the market value was broken RMB 29.9 billion.

④ On May 12, Xiamen Goldenhome Kitchen Co., LTD., was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and issued RMB 17 million shares, raising RMB 425 million.

⑤ On Jun. 16, Nanjing OLO Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and issued RMB 40 million shares of common stocks, raising RMB 395 million funds.

⑥ On Jun. 30, Zbom Cabinets Co., Ltd. was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, offering RMB 40 million shares and raising RMB 934 million.

Cross-border "upsurge"

With the iteration of consumer demand, finished furniture, tiles and sanitary products, cabinet closet and home decoration have started to expand horizontally. The powerful combination and cross-border mergers and acquisitions happened all the time, and the big home era is coming.

① In Feb., The Master & Zest launched the overall house home solution, including the whole house finished, the whole house custom, cabinet home, engineering office, soft decoration and other home products, the product and service will be upgraded comprehensively.

② On May 3, Suofeiya Home Collection Co. Ltd. and Huahe Co. Ltd. joint venture set up Suofeiya Huahe Door Industry Co., Ltd., and the company fully entered door and window custom field.

③ On Jun. 7, Markor International Home Furnishings, with cooperate partners, the global home brand Ethan Allen and international animation giant Disney held a joint new product conference in the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading hall, officially announced they entry into the field of children's furniture.

④ On Jul. 8, Gold kitchen cabinets introduced high-end custom closet brand "G-Home closet" and debut in Guangzhou Expo, "gold cabinet, G-closet" was officially implemented in double brand and dual category independent operation mode.

Expansion "upsurge"

For the booming custom home industry, product capacity is an urgent issue. Expand the production base, cover the country, reach out to the world, the pace of enterprise capacity expansion has been advancing ceaselessly.

①On Mar. 10, Yadan ecological home project constructed and put into production. The total project investment is RMB 500 million, covering 160 mu, eight German custom furniture production lines and two plywood production lines are constructed.

②On Apr. 19, OPPEIN Group Intelligent Home west base project and other six industrial projects were set up in the Shuangliu District West Harbor Economic Development Zone, and the total investment of the project was RMB 5,783 million.

③ On Apr. 26, Suofeiya high-end intelligent home base project officially settled in Sichuan Chongzhou, invested about RMB 1 billion to build high-end intelligent custom home production base.

④On Jun. 12, the opening ceremony of Snimay Hubei base was held in Jingmen. The base is located in Hubei Jingmen Dongbao Industrial Park, planning an area of 500 mu and a total investment of RMB 1 billion.

⑤On Jun. 28, the third Roco whole house custom production base, which is also the core production base - Qingyuan new headquarters base was holding the opening ceremony, the total area is 150,000 square meters, investment and construction of nearly RMB 701 million.

Intelligent "upsurge"

In 2017, with the upsurge of IPO, the major customized enterprise hardware and software upgrades will usher in a peak, intelligent manufacturing is in full swing to upgrade and spread.

①On Jan. 16, Paterson set a new subsidiary in Chengdu called Paterson intelligent home co., LTD., invested RMB 500 million to build 180,000 customized intelligent cabinet closets.

②On May 12, Shangpin Home Collection and the globalization of science and technology innovation company 3M Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou, combining the "made in China" and "American technology" effectively, consumers will enjoy comprehensive one-stop home custom.

③On May 22, Haier U + cooperated with the Nature Flooring, with the help of U+ cloud platform, the Nature Flooring can complete the product line of intelligent iteration more quickly and professionally.

④In Jun., the Golden Kitchen cabinet and Kujiale reached a cooperation, the two sides will use the "professional strength", together to promote the custom kitchen cabinet industry to intelligent and information technology, building a new standard in terms of kitchen cabinet industry.

⑤On Jun. 10, Ali intelligent and Honyar Electric Co., Ltd. held the whole house intelligent solutions new product release meeting in Guangzhou. Remote control, key deployment and self-induction start are integrated into the family life.

2017 is reaching its halfway, the development of China's customized industry is extremely hot, and the enterprises have their own strategic layout and production capacity and continue to develop its strength to achieve more market shares. We are looking forward to the second half of the year, the Chinese custom industries will have more surprises and more wonderful performances.


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