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Motus by Scavolini: the kitchen as a space of open relationships

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Motus integrates two opposites: at one extreme we find emotions, a close connection with things, natural beauty. At the opposite extreme, the unexpected: bright colours, shiny finishes, strong colour variations. This is the basic principle of the design, side by side with the taste for an elegant and discreet style which allows customisation and improvement of one’s own private space. This is Motus:  it can be grouped by function, or it can be broken down according to the space and reconfigured over time. Individual elements can stand independently, able to autonomously perform the function for which they were designed” Vittore Niolu

It investigates and perfectly interprets the social role of the contemporary kitchen: no longer is it only a place dedicated to food but rather a multi-tasking space, an intimate meeting place for the family and, at the same time, a room dedicated to relationships and conviviality. This is the idea which is the starting point of Motus, designed by Vittore Niolu, the new proposal by Scavolini.

Result of in-depth research into the evolution of contemporary living and of design approach for kitchens, Motus is a modular kitchen, highly customisable and unconventional in the sense of its ability to be remodelled, which gives great creative freedom. Able to be reconfigured over time according to the space and functional requirements, in fact, Motus is characterised by bringing together individual units, which can carry out their functions independently.
Motus reformulates the concept of a kitchen, mixing the two types together to create the design: that typical of the 1950s, with quite distinct functions, arranged according to space with units which were free to be moved over time, where the cooking area was the centre. Next to it, the stone sink. A large table with a marble top was in the middle of the room, for the preparation of meals. There was a storage cupboard and a glass-fronted cupboard where dishes were put away and crystal ware was displayed. On the contrary, the 1960s kitchen – a model which still prevails – which combines, conversely, the individual functions and makes the system more rigid.

From a stylistic point of view, the feature of Motus is the door without a handle which stands out for the asymmetrical movement created by the grip cut out of its thickness – in the upper part for bases – but not running the full width.  In the case of the tall units, the visible grip is only in the lower door, but it also enables the upper door to be opened.
There are two types: lacquered – glossy and matt – and lacquered open-pore oak, both available in a line of dedicated fashionable colours. The sophisticated colour range is, in fact, another dominant feature of the design.

Motus also offers a reinterpretation of the classical glass door, in which only one strip is made in this material: horizontal for bases and wall units and vertical for some tall units, with grey stopsol glass. The presence of the vertical strip gives great elegance to the cupboards which are thus lightened.

In addition to the particular feature of the door, is an unexpected protruding contoured drawer, 65 cm deep, placed below the worktop, which increases the strong personality of the kitchen. A geometric element, of great visual impact, which gives depth to the design and increases the functional space.
Acting as a link between the area dedicated to preparation and the more convivial area, the drawer can intersect with a new breakfast bar, which matches the aesthetic lines and is characterised by the light, specially designed, painted metal support.
The islands are also new: one, essential in nature, has glass doors; the other features the insertion, below the worktop, of the new breakfast bar.

Perfectly in line with latest trends, in deep Motus there is the interconnection between the kitchen and the living room, thanks to the introduction into Scavolini’s range of a new programme of furniture for the lounge area, central, whether against the wall or in the middle of the room.
The new system features wide modularity and the ability to suit various requirements, making use of the various possibilities of the opening of compartments: open or else with flap or swing doors, or with removable baskets. The cupboards are the same depth as the wall units, so that they match and can be placed side by side. There is also design freedom in height, with tall units which reach up to the ceiling.
All the units are available both in lacquered and oak versions and can be mixed amongst themselves to give the greatest personalisation of the room.

Motus by Scavolini. Relaxed creativity for a new kitchen open to relations.