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S Com Tech Inc. have developed and launched the 'Smart Cat 850' as an entry-level sailing catamaran for beginners.
 Smart Cat 850 features ease of use and compact size for comfortable, no-hassle sailing experience for 2 or 3 small families. Smart Cat 850 will be available for charter market at around the same price point as 30ft mono hull yachts. this would make it easy to access sea sports for beginners who are relatively unfamiliar with yachts but have strong intention of purchasing yachts.
 S Com Tech separated the body of catamaran into two modules that will perfectly fit into two high top containers, so that in can be delivered at a lower cost to anywhere in the world where containers are assessible. S Com Tech secured the stability of the aseembly process by using block method rather than flange method.  All of which means it will require one more step of assembling the catamaran upon delivery. However, all the materials and parts for assembling will be provided and the actual assembly process can easily be done by 2 or 3 people within 3 days. Customers who find it difficult for assembly or prefers fully assembled catamaran can choose an assembly support option during the purchasing contract. If the assembly option is chosen, S Com Tech’s local technicians will be available to assist the assembly process for buyer.