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CMC Marine: True Ocean Comfort & Stability On Board

2017-08-29    by:

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  Comfort on board is the lifestyle edge behind the design, and with CMC’s latest high-grade, electric stabilizers, the Italian engineers are looking to corner the market. Fitted on superyachts such as the Rossinavi M/Y Endeavour II, we take a look at the added value of reducing roll, and creating a journey with CMC CEO Alessandro Cappiello.

  Whether dominating in design or paving the way in engineering, when it comes to Italian craftsmanship they remain at the forefront of innovation. A new dimension to this theory is CMC Marine, offering a stabilzer system that answers all the desires and demands of any superyacht client looking for total ease at sea.

  Constantly striving to achieve a zero-motion, low-sound experience, when understanding the often forgotten concept of 'comfort on board', CMC Marine systems make ocean comfort the priority as high on your list as a chic interior or an innovative beach club.

  Described by Alessandro Cappiello; “It means control of roll, pitch and yaw motions, meeting the most demanding requirements of shipyards and crews and consequently increasing owner’s overall satisfaction.” says Alessandro Cappiello.

  With an owners experience at the centre of CMC's desires, features such as CMC Marine’s “45db” sound and low vibration offer a move toward a more discreet stabilisation system, transformative for an owner’s experience on board. “The comfort level reached on board will be definitely improved by the functioning of our systems, that will react faster to ship motion with less power absorption and less noise compared to the hydraulic ones.”

  Alessandro Cappiello expands; “The owner can benefit from the extremely reduced acoustic impact of stabilizers, and the consequently total absence of noise that makes the on-board experience very comfortable.”

  Not hearing, seeing or feeling your stabilization system, or the motion of your superyacht in movement, marks a real move toward complete relaxation and ease at sea, a comfort level CMC prides itself on developing for the 40m+ sector, with the shipyard utilising "so called “dead spaces”, the spaces they usually avoid, like under the bed, for the installation, thus fitting the fins in the hull in the best position: This means increasing the effectiveness of the system, even without compromising the boat overall comfort.”

  How they plan to further enhance a guests experience on board, their eco-friendly ethos, captain control usability systems and how they plan to break the international market, coming soon.



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