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Asahi Kasei Introduces Klaran™ Reactor Series to Deliver Reliable Drinking Water for Consumer and Commercial Products

07-18 09:34

Asahi Kasei Corporation, a leader in developing high-performance UVC LEDs, today announced the Klaran™ Reactor series, the only third-party tested and validated out-of-the-box water purification technology for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Asia. Powered by Klaran UVC LEDs developed and ...【MORE+】

Seeing My Chandelier in Moooi Showrooms "is like my child leaving home" Says Rick Tegelaar

07-17 13:20

Designer Rick Tegelaar explains how the Meshmatics Chandelier he developed at university became a Moooi product in this movie in our Design Dreams series for the Dutch brand. Launched by Moooi at Milan design week in 2017, Tegelaar's Meshmatics Chandelier is made from three concentric, inverted wir...【MORE+】

China-US Trade War Begins: How Can the Lighting Brands Open up Multi-channel?

07-17 09:26

The lighting products involved in this list are mainly industrial intermediate products, including chips and backlight products. Although these products account for low proportion in China’s lighting industry exports to the United States market, still the U.S. is one of the biggest importers of Chi...【MORE+】

Neuvition Releases High Resolution LiDAR with Video Fusion for Autonomous Driving and 3D Imaging

07-16 09:30

Neuvition, announced Titan M1, the first version of its 480 lines HD video LiDAR which has resolution of 1280 x 480 and 1.5 million points/sec data rate with multiple returns and distance up to 200 meters. Also, the new LiDAR product uses a 1550 nm wavelength laser which performs better in certain w...【MORE+】

LEDinside and Worldwide Experts Unveiled Business Opportunities and Technology breakthroughs at Micro LEDforum 2018

07-15 13:19

LEDIND和世界各地的专家在2018年微型LEDForum上公布了商业机会和技术突破-LEDInside Micro LEDforum 2018 was held successfully yesterday on July 12th in Taipei. Nearly 300 attendees from all over the world joined the giant annual event to learn the trends of the industry and to spark idea exchanges as well as to find the opportu...【MORE+】

Northern Lighting Drops Half of Its Name to Launch a New Brand + Collection

07-15 09:10

We’ve been a fan of Oslo-based Northern Lighting for years (see here, here and here) and were excited to hear that the award-winning design studio has shortened its original name to launch a new lifestyle brand, Northern. Established by Ove Rogne, CEO and co-founder of Northern Lighting, Northern ...【MORE+】

Loight: A Rechargable Lighting Concept Inspired by Lanterns

07-14 09:20

To many people, being energy efficient is a priority these days. We all know we can do our part in reducing our personal carbon footprint by doing simple acts like turning off the lights when not in use or decreasing our usage of heaters and coolers. What if we can take it further though, by incorpo...【MORE+】

MAD Converts Its Iconic Pingtan Museum Into Small-scale Illuminated Landscape For Artemide

07-13 13:30

Chinese studio MAD architects unexpectedly ventures into lighting design on the occasion of milan design week. for its collaboration with italian lighting company artemide, the studio has reinterpreted the vision of the legendary floating pingtan museum into a lighting object to bring emotions and e...【MORE+】

Brand and Technological Innovation Strength of the 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn)

07-12 18:37

The 22nd GILF (Autumn) will be held in Guzhen on October 22-26, 2018. With the linkage mode between Exhibition & Megastores, the main venue Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre will join hands with seven sub-venues (Lihe Lighting Expo Centre, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance Lighting Center, Lighting E...【MORE+】

In Common With launches Lamps With Handmade Clay Shades

07-12 13:30

Brooklyn homeware brand In Common With has released its first collection of lamps, which includes in-house designs along with products made in collaboration with Ohio artist Ariana Heinzman.【MORE+】

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