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Good Thing Launches Furniture for Working From Home

07-18 13:30

Brooklyn design brand Good Thing has launched a collection of furniture and lighting designed for those who live and work in the same place, including a stackable table for snacking and a dimmable light to create different moods.【MORE+】

Pierre + Charlotte Launch Bucket Lighting Series Made of Tasmanian Woods

07-18 09:20

Design duo Pierre + Charlotte’s paths have led them from Paris to Melbourne before recently settling into Tasmania, which has driven a new approach to their design. After the move, they decided to reimagine their brand to focus on wooden lighting and accessories, most of which are made in-house. J...【MORE+】

How to Choose Lawn Lamp Materials

07-18 09:10

People can feel beautiful and soft light in parks or squares at night, which is actually emitted by lawn lamps. Normally the lawn lamp has two main functions of illumination and decoration. So what is the lawn lamp made of? How can we choose lawn lamp?【MORE+】

The Red Dot Award 2018: Best of the Best

07-17 09:03

The Red Dot Gala 2018 was held on July 9th at the Aalto Theatre in Essen. This year, over 6,000 product applications from more than 59 countries were assessed by a jury of 39 design experts. As a result, a total of 69 entries (just 1.1% of all entries) received the top award in the competition–the R...【MORE+】

Flynn Talbot Illuminates V&A Museum Gallery as A Cathedral of Light

07-16 13:30

For london design festival , london-based australian designer flynn talbot illuminates the victoria & albert musuem’s prince consort gallery with an immersive colored light installation, called the ‘reflection room’. at either end of the 35 meter length hall, contemporary blue and orange lights brig...【MORE+】

Jiyoun Kim Translates A Traditional Korean Expression Into A Cloudy Lightning Lamp

07-16 13:20

London design festival 2017: creative director and product designer jiyoun kim translates the old korean expression ‘being struck by a thunder out of blue sky’ into his latest project, the lightning lamp. the phrase describes people confronting unexpected catastrophic events and encompasses the mess...【MORE+】

ARC Lighting Collection Inspired by the Interior of a Copenhagen Church

07-16 09:20

Danish design duo Nanna Neergaard and Marie Hesseldahl partnered up to form Manér Studio before they even graduated from Design School Kolding. For their Master’s project, the pair collaborated on a collection of lighting for Danish company, LE KLINT, which was just released to celebrate their 75th ...【MORE+】

eLux to be the Last Key Puzzle Piece of Foxconn’s Global Market Strategies

07-15 09:30

The market has put a spotlight on Micro LED technology since Apple acquired LuxVue. Manufacturers of the industry have collaborated to boost the momentum of Micro LED as the technology becomes more and more popular in 2017 and 2018. Besides Apple and Sony, Samsung and Foxconn are also the big names ...【MORE+】

Northern Lighting Drops Half of Its Name to Launch a New Brand + Collection

07-15 09:10

We’ve been a fan of Oslo-based Northern Lighting for years (see here, here and here) and were excited to hear that the award-winning design studio has shortened its original name to launch a new lifestyle brand, Northern. Established by Ove Rogne, CEO and co-founder of Northern Lighting, Northern ...【MORE+】

Naude nd Lee Broom Configure Cascading Christmas Tree Made of Glass

07-14 13:30

Sourcing its silhouette from that of the shard, UK designer lee broom and design brand nude unveil ‘the tree of glass’ within the restaurant aqua shard, located on the skyscraper’s 31st floor. the collaboration shapes a unique interpretation of the traditional christmas tree, turning the festive fea...【MORE+】

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