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[Industry]Imec and Marketech International Corp. to Develop Chip Implantation Equipment for Micro LED Manufacture Capacity

07-19 09:07

The Belgium based nano-electronic center, Imec and the Taiwan based semiconductor equipment supplier Marketech International Corp are reportedly reported to collaborate for developing a testing chip implantation equipment for Micro LED manufacturing.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]A Lamp Worth Having —Waterproof Ceiling Lamp

07-19 09:07

Speaking of ceiling lamp, you may not know much about it. As a matter of fact, it is all around us with increasingly wide application in public places such as hotels, wine bars, tea bars, cafes, etc., but seldom noticed by people. In fact, there are some special requirements for the ceiling lamp, like waterproof performance when it is used in water. This is why the waterproof ceiling lamp is developed, which requires more and more advanced technologies. The features of this lamp are described as follows. 【MORE+】

[Industry]Wink: A Lighting Collaboration Between Masquespacio and Houtique

07-19 09:07

Spanish creative agency Masquespacio worked with Houtique, a new branch of Really Nice Things, on a pendant light that resembles an eye winking. The idea came to Masquespacio’s Ana Hernández based on the thought that observation is one of the most critical elements during the design process. Needing to “see” and focus on each detail, led her to design Wink, the cheeky, yet sophisticated light with a row of pink “eyelashes”.【MORE+】

[Industry]Good Thing Launches Furniture for Working From Home

07-18 01:07

Brooklyn design brand Good Thing has launched a collection of furniture and lighting designed for those who live and work in the same place, including a stackable table for snacking and a dimmable light to create different moods.【MORE+】

[Industry]OMC Launches Purple SMT LED

07-18 01:07

The lamp uses OMC’s proprietary Active Diffuser Technology, which is claimed to produce a richer and more efficient output than traditional single-wavelength devices. The lamp is suitable for applications such as backlighting, mood-lighting, displays and status indication on items such as front panels and keypads, as well as signalling and industrial electronics.【MORE+】

[Industry]MEAN WELL Launched HVGC-650 Series 650W Wide Range Input Constant Power Mode LED Driver

07-18 01:07

For the LED driver product line, wide AC voltage input range (180 ~ 528VAC) HVGC family, MEAN WELL now launches HVGC-650 series to offer more choices of high power products.

HVGC-650 series can operate with single phase input or one phase distributed from three phase input, which is a great advantage to industrial environment lighting or horticultural lighting application. 【MORE+】

[Industry]Asahi Kasei Introduces Klaran™ Reactor Series to Deliver Reliable Drinking Water for Consumer and Commercial Products

07-18 09:07

Asahi Kasei Corporation, a leader in developing high-performance UVC LEDs, today announced the Klaran™ Reactor series, the only third-party tested and validated out-of-the-box water purification technology for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Asia. Powered by Klaran UVC LEDs developed and manufactured by Crystal IS (NY, USA), the Klaran Reactor series delivers reliable, true UVC disinfection performance for use in countertop and under-the-counter point-of-use water disinfection products. 

[Industry]Pierre + Charlotte Launch Bucket Lighting Series Made of Tasmanian Woods

07-18 09:07

Design duo Pierre + Charlotte’s paths have led them from Paris to Melbourne before recently settling into Tasmania, which has driven a new approach to their design. After the move, they decided to reimagine their brand to focus on wooden lighting and accessories, most of which are made in-house. Just recently, they launched the Bucket lighting series which includes a wall light, pendant light, and table lamp, all made from Tasmanian woods.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]How to Choose Lawn Lamp Materials

07-18 09:07

People can feel beautiful and soft light in parks or squares at night, which is actually emitted by lawn lamps. Normally the lawn lamp has two main functions of illumination and decoration. So what is the lawn lamp made of? How can we choose lawn lamp?【MORE+】

[Industry]Led Driver Puts Out 1.6A at Up To 38V, From 5-38V

07-17 01:07

Buck-boost, buck and SEPIC topologies are also available from the same module, which comes in a high reliability (H-grade) version that guarantees operation from –40°C to 150°C. “The wide input voltage range and 150°C operation make this µModule LED driver ideal for automotive and industrial lighting applications,” claimed the firm.【MORE+】





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