As just entering the Chinese market of professional cleaning products, American Legend Brand products have been sold in Europe and America, and Australia market. As a market leader in the US commercial dehumidifiers brand, its deep cleaning floor cleaning equipment also has outstanding performance. Legend Brands products mainly include all kinds of professional floor cleaning equipment, cleaning agents and indoor fresh air equipment. Headquartered in Seattle near Burlington, and with production and training base in Phoenix, Baltimore and Nashville, Tennessee and other places. At the same time, with branch offices and strategic partners in the UK, Germany, Australia and other places.
Yi Xin (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international trading company, Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd. subsidiary. New Friends International has many years of import and export sales and agency experience, and the parent company has a strong technical service and support team, its partners from Germany, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, Australia, India, Turkey and other 50 different countries. Shanghai Yi new company as Legend Brands distributor in China, not only in charge of marketing and sales in China, and provide full product sale, repair and maintenance services.


Business type: Agents

Processing and sales of main products: Scrubbers, Carpet Clean Machines, Blower, Airpurifier, Dehumudifier,Cleaning Chemicals

Number of employees: Less than 10

Set up time:

Contact person:MR.丁凡

Address:Off.3503-3504, CITIC Plaza, No. 859, North Sichuan Road, Shanghai, P.R. China


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