Supported by four companies, come to Shencheng for Shanghai International Unmanned Business Expo (UB-China)

11-21 13:00

In 2019, the four swords China Vending & Smart Retailing Show (CVS), Expo Clean for Commercial Properties and Hotels (CCE), Expo for International Facility Management (CFME), Expo for International Indoor Air Purification (CIEQ) will exert force together and comprehensively upgrade to the "Shanghai ...【MORE+】

Shanghai International Property and Cleaning Exhibition Sailing Again

06-05 10:51

2018 Expo for International Facility Management(Abbr: CFME)and Expo Clean for Commercial Properties and Hotels(Abbr: CCE)、China International Self-service, Kiosk and Vending Show(Abbr: CVS), which held by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo has been successfully closing in Shanghai.【MORE+】

Walex Accepts Export Achievement Award

04-29 00:00

"Our products are needed to maintain the health and safety of living and work conditions of people all over the globe, and are needed to treat waste and protect the environment," Bill Williams said. "The products that are made with pride from this factory in North Carolina have been used all over th...【MORE+】

Domestic VS International Brands in Chinese Cleaning Market

03-01 13:00

Equipment manufacturers, distributors and property cleaning providers are all gradually realizing that consumers will give top priority to brands when they are making a decision, and that the low-price strategy will no longer work. 【MORE+】

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