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Located in Zhongguancun Hi-tech Economic and Technological Development Zone, Maystar is a share-holding hi-tech company integrating scientific research, development and sales and service. Maystar boasts a team of over 100 high-caliber employees, 77 out of which hold college degree or above.

While in pursuit of growing as a whole, Maystar attaches great importance to building of research and development team. Now the research and development center has attracted pool of top technical experts with doctorate or master degrees from some prestigious universities. By unceasing pursuit for superb products, they keep abreast with advanced IT technologies in the world, dedicate themselves into innovation and progressiveness, and provides in time the latest products and efficient, precise, perfect and effective services for clients both at home and abroad. In field of computer telephony integration (CTI) and mass speed data processing system (OMR, ICR), Maystar has developed a series of products which are up to national or international standards, and the achievements are highly thought of by experts and professional in the trade.

Now Maystar has over 50 digital and analogous voice cards which fall into four categories, with CompactPCI /USB/PCI/ISA as interfaces and TELEWIND the brand, satisfying the demands in voice, facsimile and data communication as well as Internet gateway. The products are widely used in fields of telecommunication, communication, finance, securities, electricity dispatching, production, schools, and public sectors, and provide an effective tool for various applications with telephone as the media, predicting a bright future. The optical marker reader and character reader as well as the systems of examination papers going-over and teaching management are also widely used in entrance examination sector, schools, colleges and university. ISR-8001 intelligent speed image-scanning reader, the revolutionary generation of OMR that Maystar newly presents, has been successfully promoted and used in entrance examination sector, making online paper going-over into true, fully representing the principles of examination course – public, just, and fair. As intelligent speed image-scanning equipment gradually gain ground in government bodies such as industrial and commercial administration, taxation, banking, and statistics as well as enterprises and institutions, they will make considerable contribution to the construction of informatization of China.

While dedicating to unceasing innovation and progress in technology as well as satisfying and exceeding the needs of clients, Maystar pays great attention to product quality and standardization of management, and passes ISO9001: 2000 quality management system. By making full use of its advantages in both technology and human resource, Maystar will dedicate to improving and perfecting the existing software and hardware products. Meanwhile, Maystar will put more efforts on development of new products and new technologies so as to provide better solutions with quality hi-tech products and perfect technical services, promoting the process of informatization of the society.

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