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Chengdu magic, was founded in the United States after the Wenchuan earthquake, the main achievement of earthquake early warning system into the functions of the product. Chengdu magic technology provides technical support for high-tech Institute on disaster reduction for the United States, and maintained good relations of cooperation.
Founded in Wenchuan after the earthquake of Chengdu high-tech disaster mitigation Institute, after the Wenchuan earthquake of 2008 started to develop earthquake early warning technologies; from all sectors with the help of experts, Chengdu high-tech disaster mitigation Institute has mastered mature earthquake early warning intensity and rapid reporting's core technology and has successfully developed the ICLearthquake early-warning system.
Currently, Institute application the technology built has cover area 2.2 million square kilometers of world maximum of earthquake warning system, the system after has tens of thousands of times actual earthquake (including 7 level earthquake, 31 times destructive earthquake) of test, in national first achieved earthquake warning "0" breakthrough and destructive earthquake warning "0" breakthrough, makes China became following Mexico, and Japan Hou, third a master earthquake warning technology capacity of national.

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