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Dalian Fuji ice vending machine sales company established in April 2015. Self vending for nearly two years in order to meet the rapid changes in the market, investment in Dalian Fuji ice agreed to its sales staff as the core team, upgrade of forming a Sino-Japanese joint venture sales company---Dalian Fuji iceberg
Vending machine sales limited (referred to as DFBS), officially opened in April 2015 is satisfied, the new company will be a merger of Fuji electric Chinese companies all vending machine business and some of the staff, build a new sales and service platform. With the establishment of the sales company, Dalian Fuji ice vending
Freighters limited (referred to as DFB) and Fuji Electric Co, China vending machine sales, service in markets such as business all the tubes to the DFBS.
Dalian Fuji ice vending machines limited was established on October 10, 2003, is China's first large scale manufacture and sale of vending machine the Sino-Japanese joint venture, by Japan Fuji Motor Corporation and Dalian refrigeration company limited jointly funded. Dalian Fuji ice relies on investment both remarkable strength, to become China's pioneer in the development of the vending machine, leading the developments and trends in the industry, with all partners and our industry colleagues to promote the health and development of the vending machine industry in China.
The company owns China's most advanced production line, and has been established to meet the international ISO9000 quality assurance system, relying on the new introduction of Japan Fuji electric advanced production technologies and manufacturing process, the company will continue to market high quality vending machines in China.

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