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“Natural marbles are beautiful because they are created by God. On the other hand, they are precious because God just creates them for only one time. Therefore, GANI’s mission is to continue God’s creation by developing and producing the best marble tiles with natural marble elegance in the world.”
Natural marbles are gifts and blessings from our Mother Nature. Marbles have been favored for a long time with their decorative effects since they were used in many classic buildings like the world famous Taj Mahal, Milan Cathedral and Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai.
Marbles are precious since they are formed by nature after thousands of years. To continue nature’s beauty, GANI innovated Marble Tiles—a revolutionary category of tile for people pursuing quality and green decorative materials. For years, GANI has been insisting on promoting the development of this tile category around the globe.
In 2016, by establishing GANI MARBLE Institute (GMI) and nurturing professionals in this field, GANI aims to keep up in the international trends, promote marble tile use in home decoration and meet the needs for high-end decoration, providing an excellent option for luxury decoration beyond marbles.
GANI MARBLE TILES for luxury decoration. With decorative effect comparable to that of natural marbles, GANI MARBLE TILES has become a top choice for luxury decoration. In the coming 5 or 10 years, GANI MARBLE TILES will become a fashion and classic.

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