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China Hotels have the best reputation in 2017

2018-05-15 Tag: China Hotels

China Hotels,China Hotels have the best reputation in 2017


Revinate, the software as a service (SaaS) company that enables hoteliers to transform guest data into revenue, continues rolling out its 2018 Global Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report. Now in its third year, this industry barometer analyzed 132 million online guest reviews from 138,000 properties across 200 countries over the last two years.

Looking at established markets – those with more than 100,000 annual reviews – hotels in China (4.53), Greece (4.36), and Mexico (4.29) received the highest average ratings, while the United Kingdom (4.07), the United States (4.03), and France (3.94) received the lowest.

This country-specific data is consistent with the global increase in review ratings. Scores grew compared to 2016 in all markets except South Africa and France, which remained flat. Japan was the only market that decreased year-over-year (0.47% decrease).

China and Indonesia experienced the greatest growth in their average scores compared with the previous year, while #3 and #4 were in Latin America (Brazil and Mexico). This data confirms that the overall sentiment towards Asian and Latin American hotels is improving at a faster pace than other regions.