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Marriott plans for new Sheraton lobbies

2018-06-08 Tag: Marriott

Marriott ,Marriott plans for new Sheraton lobbies


Just down the street from this week's NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, Marriott International built a 4,200-square-foot “vignette” of its new vision for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, the third-largest brand in its portfolio and its largest outside of North America in terms of room count.

The company introduced its new Sheraton guestroom late last year, and used the pop-up space during the conference to promote the new look to existing and future owners.

During the company's 2017 Investor Day, Marriott's chief commercial officer Stephanie Linnartz acknowledged that Sheraton was experiencing scrutiny over its delivery and owner return on investment. "Sheraton has been plagued by poor consumer perception in North America," Linnartz said at the time, pointing to both the physical product and service. "There is a wide gap between the best and the worst hotels," she continued. "There has been poor quality assurance and inadequate accountability."