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New Choice deal will open 20 hotels

2018-09-30 Tag: New Choice

New Choice,New Choice deal will open 20 hotels

Choice Hotels Mexico, a subsidiary of Choice Hotels International, has signed an exclusive multiunit agreement with SI Operaciones, a Mexican private equity fund, to develop 20 new-construction Sleep Inn hotels over the next five years.

The agreement is expected to add 2,000 rooms in top markets, like Mexico City and Guadalajara, and more than triple the size of the brand's footprint in the country.

“At Choice Hotels, international expansion and multiunit development are key pillars of our growth strategy. We are actively seeking new opportunities to increase our presence in strategic markets and our agreement with SI Operaciones will allow us to do just that,” said Mark Pearce, SVP, international division, Choice Hotels, in a statement. “Choice Hotels is well poised for major growth in Latin America, and we look forward to building upon our relationship to bring the Sleep Inn brand to more guests worldwide.”