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Drink Automatic FVM-CP23N

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  • Drink Automatic FVM-CP23N

Dalian Fuji Bingshan Vending Machine Sales Co., Ltd.

Drink Automatic FVM-CP23N

Self-service Terminals and System

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Full function
·Accommodate diversity, glass bottles, cans, plastic bottle products are sold
·Hot and cold drinks can be adjusted independently, alternating with continuous selling, sales features, ensuring the sale of beverage temperature
·Equipped with GPRS remote data acquisition, real-time operational data management system platform
·Cash, bank card (IC card, credit cards), mobile payment can be compatible with the corresponding
·Multimedia advertising system, touch screen Panel, LCD, and LED system can be equipped with
Human nature
·Tri-color color buttons, neon displays, gorgeous fashion, attracting consumer
·Remote control with LCD panels, operation simple and easy to understand, coin deepened, more
·Fault diagnosis and classification of sales data and statistics, available USB fast download
·Call for modularization design, integrated cartoning machine maintenance more convenient
·Shipping channel using an elastic cushion design, ensure the quality of drinks to prevent the drink splashing
High quality
·Each parts by incorporating quality inspection system through strict quality control
·Each machine is required by more than more than 10 standardization processes andtesting qualified factory
·Shipping equipment wear damage and 100,000 move trouble-free to ensure sales reliability
·Passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, Korea KC electrical safety certification
·Using the latest professional aisle, smooth delivery, quality, worry-free
Energy saving and environmental protection
·By the authorities test than similar machines save energy over 40%
·Using LED lighting, light/timer, power savings and optimal power saving operation
·Energy-saving operation of the compressor, fan DC drives within a library, ensuring low consumption
·Heat insulation materials, paint, green refrigerant, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification