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ISR8050 high speed image reader

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  • ISR8050 high speed image reader

Beijing Maystar Information Technology Co.,LTD

ISR8050 high speed image reader


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Product description
ISR8050 is five the company's third-generation ISR series high speed image scan reader for its flagship products, optimization of its unique wheel system to ensure smooth paper, high speed, high volume document scanning. ISR8050 has powerful real-time processing the paper cartridge and perfect automatic switching function, smartscan process control can reduce the time exception handling, a second generation ISR scanner productivity growth nearly twice times. ISR8050 provides more efficient scan speed, better image quality, more paper adaptability, as well as more reliable scan performance, is ideal for completion of large scale, high quality image acquisition projects.
Areas of application
ISR8050 high speed image scanner reading machine is mainly used to test such large quantities of data processing field, main entrance, into a test, examination, tests and other large, personnel qualification examination registration form, online marking data play a role in the project, also in various types of files and forms, large scale data processing services also have a wide range of applications.
Use advantages
High speed, A3, color, duplex, production-oriented scanners ISR8050, can achieve high-speed, high-volume scanning, to a whole new level. ISR8050 has a user-friendly design, rich paper adaptability, Super working ability, reliable durability, range of matching hardware and software, able to satisfy most work environments of reliable, high speed, high quality scanning needs.