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The Biesse Group was set up in 1969 and from the very start projected an innovative image among companies producing machinery for furniture manufacture. Its path has been charted by brave decisions, strong collaborations and investments in research, which, over the years, have resulted in a more complex and articulated company at the cutting edge both in Italy and abroad. Today the Biesse Group produces highly sophisticated and technological machines and systems to satisfy every industrial requirement for creating and assembling furniture, doors and windows, furniture accessories, and everyday objects in wood, glass and stone. Innovation pleases everyone The constant drive for technological improvement, innovation and research has let Biesse develop modular solutions capable of meeting all the production requirements of its clients: from the design of turnkey plant for large industrials to single automated machines and work centres for small and medium enterprises and even down to the design and sale of single highly technological components. Always close at hand anywhere in the world The Biesse Group markets its products all over the world through a network of 30 branches and commercial offices located in strategic markets. These guarantee specialised after-sales assistance to clients and, at the same time, play a role in providing information on local markets and preparing the ground for new product development. In this way, market demands are anticipated and the needs of clients are met with value added services and products. Where we are Biesse Group around the world We are close to our customers through our plants, our subsidiaries, our agents and dealers, our sales and service teams, wherever they are in the world. We understand the customer's business, his needs and the challenges that face him. Each of our plants and subsidiaries is located in a strategic area. In this way our engineers and the people building the machines are entirely focused on a specific products and markets and they are close to our customers, who are involved throughout the development and testing process.

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