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Furniture China 2018

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Viaform is founded on a passion for authentic design with simple functionality. Cas Moor founded the brand in 2018 with a 'clear' vision. Bringing high quality european design to the Chinese market.
Now we challenge ourselves to create products that feel timeless, makes us proud and bring a balance to your life.

This results in the viaform collection, a wide range of products for your home.


We believe in affordable high-end design for everyone. Our collection should support and amplify your experience in every day life.

Cas Moor - Founder of Viaform
"A good design to me is when a object is stripped down to its bare bones with the essence still intact."

Born in Belgium in 1991. Cas Moor graduated in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture and masters degree in Autonomous design. In 2014 Cas became an independent designer for various companies with his personal approach to design.

Cas likes to focus on the design process. Instead of designing a product for specific functions and requirements, he prefers to let the product evolve out of material, technique and experimentation, resulting in “honest” products where the material and craftsmanship both create the form and tell the story.


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