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Cixi Huayu Upholstery Co., Ltd. is a specialized company with over 20 years' experience on fabrics. We have integrated product development, design, production and sales, located in Cixi, Ningbo, which is the bridgehead of Hangzhou Bay Bridge.   Our featured products include sofa fabric, upholstery fabric, OA fabric, home textile and automobile chair fabric. We have 460cm extensive gripper loom to produce bed jumping sheets, volume curtain fabric, textile netting fabric, lamphouse advertisement fabric and high-tech industrial fabric. We also do coating, waterproofing, fire-resistant, calendering for kinds of fabrics.   We take super quality with reasonable price and satisfactory service to zealously welcome domestic and foreign customers   HUAYU has extended the business all over the world depending on the excellent quality, perfect service, unquestionable trademark image and flexible effective distribution strategy. The sales network's build and development relies on most of the customers' support, which also promotes the sales achievement.HUAYU now is running increasingly and quickly along the benign circle track.   Since 1996, HUAYU has been actively taking part in the Heimtextil held in Canton fair in April; Shanghai Intertextile in October. Every year, Huayu develops and lays out thousands of new patterns to meet the needs of the increasing customers and consumers.   In HUAYU, the company culture in its profound saying way embodies unlimited contain and a great deal of infiltration. Depending on its common value it makes cohesive strength. In respectable and harmonious environment it realize its personal value. Make a progerss in self-checking. Develop in transcendence. Meantime it makes the brand culture become central spirnt of the company,leading the company to really leaming increasing modern organization.

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