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"Dickson Furniture was first established in Hong Kong in 1981 and started to develop its business in Dongguan, Guangdong in 1984.


Faced with the same competition environment and profitability potential, as many of the pioneer Hong Kong furniture businesses which set up their production facilities in China did, Dickson has made tremendous efforts to blaze its own path of development. Exceptional ideas, unparalleled approaches and reaching visions define the way that Dickson has been growing.


Over the last three decades, our adherence to the highest production standards, successful creation of designs, and the hard work towards excellence by hundreds of our staff evidence our commitment to be responsible to every user of our products.


With investment of more than US$20 million, Dickson has its own production facilities, office buildings and dormitories with a total area of 60,000 sq.m. and more than 700 staff. We have introduced advanced production equipment from Germany and Italy which, together with the modern management models we have adopted, have enabled us to produce home furniture of modern, stylish designs and outstanding quality.


Dickson has a production capacity as high as US$3 million per month, and a network of over 100 franchise shops in all major and medium cities throughout China, reaching a total shop area of 30,000 sq.m.


With distinctive designs and understanding of elements essential for quality life, Dickson's products are very much welcome in over 50 countries. We will keep on advancing in the market despite possible hardships, by capitalizing on historical legacies and opening new paths for the future. Although we have obtained standardized production processes through technological developments and use of advanced computerized control systems, we always adhere to our approach to top quality, that is to learn from and surpass world-class product quality, and to reject homogeneity of product design. We aim at delivering products which are unique in style and rich in meaning. When we are making breakthroughs from standardized workmanship both in terms of appearance and meaning, we are also interpreting the new concepts of quality life. This is exactly what makes Dickson stand out from other furniture brand names.


From 1996 to 2002, Dickson was awarded the champion and the first runner-up prize for a number of times in professional exhibitions for its living room and bedroom furniture series. This is the evidence of the tremendous efforts and achievements we have made in realizing our innovative concepts of quality living over the past three decades. Dickson is recognized as a high-end furniture brand by professional organizations and users.


The appearance of Dickson's furniture has become a model for imitation by many; however, the values, quality, style and creativity manifested in each furniture piece is ummimicable. Dickson's success over the last 30 years is a proof that only the classics can stand over time."

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