RAINBOW is the chair of opportunities, simple and stackable with a playful design and perfect comfort. The chairs are available in different colors such as oak, blond, white, black, green, and blue. The solid table with a rounded tabletop and straight legs is made in the same shape as the chair. The sideboard and vitrine creates a playful order out of straight lines and circular shapes, and with a handle showing off an undulating shape. RAINBOW座椅拥有简洁明快的设计,良好的折叠性,以及舒适的使用感。Rainbow产品提供多样的色彩选择如原色,金色,白色,黑色,绿色以及蓝色。 Rainbow桌的圆形桌面和直脚拥有着和其椅子相同的版型。 餐桌柜和橱柜在设计上很好的运用了直线和圆形,并且在把手上运用了优美的弧线。 VERONA. Markus Johansson, designer, wanted to create a collection where you yourself was a part of creating your own dining place. You choose among wood, fabric, leather or sheepskin for your piece of chair. The ellipse shaped table comes in different sizes. The sideboard with cabin doors gives the collections its unity. VERONA由设计师Markus Johansson所设计。其设计理念注重于每个使用者能够个性化的自由组合属于自己风格的餐厅。其座椅材料上多样的选择性包括木材,纺织面料,皮革以及羊皮毯。椭圆形桌同样也提供不用尺寸的选择。 此外,餐具柜独特的柜门很好的表现了其独一无二的个性! COLIBRI is a dining collection inspired by the fifties and sixties furniture design, but goes beyond that through a clean style and without any unnecessary details. Available in white, black, blond or oak, although the most important thing is the seating comfort. COLIBRI 餐厅家具的灵感来自于五六十年代的经典设计风格;与之不同的是COLIBRI简洁的设计风格与毫无累赘的细节。拥有良好舒适性的产品同样拥有多样的色彩选择,如白色,黑色,金色与原色。 The RACQUET collection with chairs and sofa tables is both stripped down and comfortably relaxed. It makes a living room a parlour, and the other way around. The armchairs elastic back in cane is semi recumbent, but the frame and its clear horizontal arm support is very firm. Here the Nordic nature romantic meets the oriental traditions. RACQUET系列包括座椅,沙发,桌子,其简介的设计不失舒适的使用感。RACQUET产品在起居室的运用能够使之在功能上满足各种需求。此系列的手扶椅运用了藤制的拥有良好弹性的半卧靠垫,其主体构架和呈水平的扶手十分坚固。本系列产品完美呈现了北欧的传统风格与浪漫风情。


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