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First, General Information   Shanghai A Color Furniture Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Hemin Industrial Park, Qingpu Zone, Shanghai, China. All the times, the company have been sticking to the operation purpose of”Quality is vital to an enterprise". After many years of market competition, Shanghai A Color have established the mature & effective production & management system. The company keep on heading the manufacturer of PVC Edge banding. Second, Our products and advantages   Our company specialize in high-level office furniture & European kitchen furniture & home furniture and various kinds of decorative profile PVC Edge banding. The company products have the virtue of high temperature, cold-resistant, highly flexible, and never deformed and so on, so they are the best choice for high-level furniture. Third, Strong technical force   The company have one whole production line of four standard workshop facilities, such as distributing workshop, production workshop, printing workshop, packaging workshop. According to customer requirements and in accordance with the needs of customers, the factory design and produce the Edge banding. In order better to explore the market, Shanghai A Color have introduced the most advanced production line of calendared machine & large printing production machine & cutting machine. The large machine can product and print sheet edge banding with the size of 0.4mm - 0.5mm * 800mm* 200m, and the cutting machine cut the sheet to 10mm ~ 80mm width. In the range of Shanghai, Shanghai A Color Furniture Materials Co., Ltd. is the only one company that has used this production line. Fourth, The worldwide influence   With the good quality and various new and class kinds of embossing, our company have much more influence in the range of international and domestic market year by year. The products sell well in Russia, Iran, Brazil, India, Philippines and other countries and regions.      We aim high for the satisfaction of the customer and are keep on working hard. Once you make sure the color & quality & embossing of PVC edge banding, we will make the sample of your edge banding for you to confirmation before the official production.

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