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Mindo is an innovative company engaging in manufacturing high quality outdoor furniture for house, hotel, resort spa, restaurants, bar and facilities for hospitality. Starting from 1999 as a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, Mindo only could supply the normal quality level products at the beginning because of the limitation of experience and technology. We want to make the good quality, but we do not know how to make it, this was the main problem to us at that time. After several years, we accumulated enough experience and technology about quality. So this new Mindo factory was set up in 2007 specially for high quality products. We only use the best raw material, such as 1.6mm thickness aluminum tube, Rehau wicker, Sunbrella fabric, 316 grade stainless steel feet, fast dry foam and so on, even the best weaving technology, most of our products are woven in 1x1 and V style. Some good weavers from Cebu are working in our factory to train local weavers and control the quality. By improvement of our quality, now Mindo is manufacturing for some good brand from global market by their own designs, our products have been inspired by the unique combination of quality and price. Moreover, our design team is working on Mindo designs, some of them have been supplied to some good hotels, resorts and spa in USA, Australia and Dubai. Mindo can offer customized service to our customers. We will send you the drawings made by software if 铭度致力于为酒店,度假村,餐馆,酒吧及各种商用市场提供高档的户外家具,提供创新灵活的方案。 铭度创建于1999年,建立之初,由于经验及技术的限制,铭度只能供给中端市场客户。经过几年的发展和经验的积累,铭度渐渐找到了高端户外家具供应商的方向。 2007年,铭度自己的工厂诞生了,专业生产高档户外家具。选材方面,铭度只用质量最高端的材料,比如德国瑞好藤条,美国SUNBRELLA布料,316级别的不锈钢配件和快干棉等等。对于藤编方面,铭度也是采用最好的藤编技术,大部分的产品都用1x1和V编法。甚至铭度还从菲律宾宿务聘请了编藤师傅来工厂对工人进行培训及质量检验。 随着质量的不断加强和提高,铭度越来越多地跟国际知名品牌进行合作,共同开发他们的设计,来达到质量和价格的平衡。 而且铭度自己的设计团队也推出了众多铭度自主品牌的设计并且成功地供给美国,澳大利亚和迪拜的高档酒店和度假村。铭度推出了客户专业定制的服务,只要客户自己的看法,铭度的设计团队就能做出CAD等图纸来完成产品的设计。  

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