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Review: Where Did the Chinese Buy Furniture in the Past 20 Years?

08-14 08:35

With the upgrade of consumption, Chinese people are increasingly demanding the quality of furniture, and experience stores have become the new mainstream of buying furniture.【MORE+】

China (Shanghai) Int'l Trade Single Window covers 1/3 of total domestic import and export trade volume

08-13 15:27

Connecting 22 government departments, China (Shanghai) International Trade Single Window provides services covering one third of the total volume of China's import and export trade. 【MORE+】

Airbnb Cancels Its Great Wall Of China Sleepover Contest

08-12 14:19

Considered one of the top architectural marvels of all time, the Great Wall of China draws millions of travelers to its fabled stones every year. 【MORE+】

China’s Exports Are Homeward Bound

08-11 10:30

Mainland businesses hit by Trump’s tariffs hope domestic consumers will pick up the slack. 【MORE+】

Gold chains hanging from the ceiling of this tea house mimic the shape of chinese hills

08-10 15:00

Spacemen studio has used 35,000 meters of gold chain in three different shades to ‘elevate’ the ceiling of this tea bar and restaurant in shanghai, china. situated in a refurbished mid-19th century colonial heritage building, icha chateau contrasts its historic exterior with an interior spatial topo...【MORE+】

China's Smart Home Level Only Reaches 1/6 of the US

08-10 10:29

In the next 3-5 years, the electrical and smart home industry in China will enter the outbreak period with the consumption upgrade, and the development potential of the overall market is immeasurable.【MORE+】

IKEA India launch builds on China market success

08-09 08:32

Swedish furniture chain IKEA will launch its first store in India on Thursday, in a high-profile move looking to cater to one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. 【MORE+】

Invested in the US First Trade Company, China's O2O Furniture Shopping Integrated Platform 'Quan5' Lays Out the Global Supply Chain

08-08 11:58

China's Quan5, a one-stop home furnishing solution, has recently taken a new move, investing millions of dollars in First Trade, the first US trading company, and officially became a shareholder of First Trade.【MORE+】

The Future Consumption Trend of China’s Household Textile Industry

08-08 09:30

In 2017, the market scale of China’s household textile industry reached RMB 211.3 billion, and it was increased by 3.78% on the year-on-year basis compared to RMB 203.61 billion in 2016.【MORE+】

China's People’s Daily Posted a Twitter to Welcome Google to Return to China

08-07 14:47

"Don't be evil", Google finally succumbed【MORE+】

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