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German Internet Furniture Company Westwing will Launch IPO in Second Half of 2018 with a Target Valuation of 450M €

08-14 10:34

Founded in 2011, Westwing is an Internet furniture company based in Munich, Germany. Currently, it has operations in the furniture market in 11 countries in Europe.【MORE+】

Review: Where Did the Chinese Buy Furniture in the Past 20 Years?

08-14 08:35

With the upgrade of consumption, Chinese people are increasingly demanding the quality of furniture, and experience stores have become the new mainstream of buying furniture.【MORE+】

IKEA asks Scholten & Baijings to hack two of its most popular furniture designs

08-12 09:53

IKEA has enlisted the help of Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings to create fresh takes on its Klippan sofa and Poäng armchair by adopting the widespread trend of hacking. 【MORE+】

Invested in the US First Trade Company, China's O2O Furniture Shopping Integrated Platform 'Quan5' Lays Out the Global Supply Chain

08-08 11:58

China's Quan5, a one-stop home furnishing solution, has recently taken a new move, investing millions of dollars in First Trade, the first US trading company, and officially became a shareholder of First Trade.【MORE+】

Furniture Collection 0 by Design Studio Hi Thanks Bye

08-07 11:50

Inspired by the fusion of Canadian natural landscapes and Chinese aesthetics.【MORE+】

The Top 7 Keywords of China's Furniture Industry in the First Half of 2018

08-07 10:05

Summary In the first half of 2018, China's home furnishing industry has arounded seven keywords: environmental protection, whole-house decoration, overseas acquisition, price increase, new retail, and accessible luxury.【MORE+】

Custom Furniture Driven the Development of China’s Timber Industry, Estimated to Exceed RMB 160 Billion by 2020

08-07 08:51

In recent 10 years, the total timber consumption in China has increased to 600,000,000 m3 in 2017 from 380,000,000 m3 in 2007, with the annual average increase of 4.67%.【MORE+】

IKEA celebrates 75th anniversary with vintage furniture collections

08-05 10:07

IKEA is rolling out a series of furniture collections incorporating relaunched pieces from the 1950s to the 2000s, in celebration of its 75th birthday. 【MORE+】

Whether It's Feasible for Shared Home Furniture in China?

08-01 14:28

Can shared furniture which involves in the privacy and trust of peoples be supported by the Chinese?【MORE+】

Chinese Young Designer Frank Chou Will Be in Furniture China 2018 For the New Project 'COC'

08-01 09:57

The “creator” at COC will include, but is not limited to, photographers, graphic designers, stylists, independent media, design management plans, etc. 【MORE+】

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