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China: Depressed Real Estate Market Caused Insufficient Demand Power in the Timber Market

08-20 08:31

According to the monitoring data of CTI, turnovers of rosewood, log, converted timer, artificial board and floor respectively declined by 8.75%, 12.7%, 4.94%, 34.12% and 25.76% on year-on-year basis in the first quarter of 2018.【MORE+】

Italian Luxury Furniture Brand Rimadesio Entered the Chinese Market

08-17 08:47

On August 2, the Italian luxury furniture brand Rimadesio completed its first decoration and renovation located in the exhibition hall (the first exhibition hall of Rimadesio in the Chinese market) of Shanghai Chong Hing Finance Center from its opening three years ago to welcome the Chinese consumer...【MORE+】

How does American Markor dominate the Chinese furniture market in 20 years?

08-15 11:06

With expanding store network, its first store in China opened in 2002 and at present it operates 88 stores in China and about 75% of the products are shipped from our North American manufacturing, Mostly from the US【MORE+】

IKEA India launch builds on China market success

08-09 08:32

Swedish furniture chain IKEA will launch its first store in India on Thursday, in a high-profile move looking to cater to one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. 【MORE+】

China’s new retail market expected to hit 1.8 trillion yuan in 2022

08-05 13:51

China’s new retail market is expected to hit 1.8 trillion yuan ($264 billion) in 2022, continuing to play its role as a major driver in consumption growth. 【MORE+】

China's Dishwasher Market is Climbing and the Market is Doubling

07-31 11:05

The first standard for the “Quality Inspection Standard for Installation and Maintenance of Household and Similar Dishwashers was officially released and implemented.【MORE+】

Venture Capital Research Institute CBInsights: Report on China’s Smart Speaker Market and Business Mode

07-30 09:00

Currently, in addition to Google Home launched by Google, the Chinese smart speaker brands have been frequently launched.【MORE+】

Outdoor Furniture in China, Does It Have the Market?

07-24 15:29

Outdoor furniture opportunities brought about by the rise of the middle class in China.【MORE+】

China's Furniture Demand Expands to Drive Timber Market Consumption

07-24 13:41

From January to November 2017, the main business income of the furniture manufacturing industry was 828.11 billion yuan, a cumulative increase of 8.8% year-on-year; the total profit was 49.59 billion yuan, a cumulative increase of 7.1%.【MORE+】

2018 Sale Proceeds of China’s Furniture Market Will Exceed RMB 300 Billion

07-14 10:29

As people’s consumption demand changes to the diversified rational consumption, demands for the costly furniture, individualized and customized furniture are gradually increasing, and the intelligence, refinement, diversification and individualization have been the market mainstream. 【MORE+】

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