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HomePage > News > 2018 Revenue of Suning.com Exceeds RMB245.3 Billion, a 64.4% Increase of Online Sales
2018 Revenue of Suning.com Exceeds RMB245.3 Billion, a 64.4% Increase of Online Sales
Source:     2019-03-04 11:15

On the evening of February 27, Suning.com released its brief performance report for the year 2018. In the reporting period, the company earned an operating income of RMB245.311 billion, a year-on-year growth of 30.53%, and the sales volume of goods reached RMB337.135 billion, 38.54% higher than the same period of last year. In 2018, Suning.com contributed a net profit of RMB13.32 billion to its parent company.


The report shows that, by the end of 2018, Suning.com possesses a total of 11,064 self-owned and franchised stores.


Suning has now established a business cluster covering Suning Plazas, self-owned stores and cloud franchised stores of Suning.com, Suning groceries, as well as appliance & 3C & household businesses, mother and baby businesses, supermarkets, and other businesses engaging in vertical marketing. As of the end of last year, Suning has 8,881 self-owned stores in total with an aggregate area of 6,705,700 square meters, and the performance of such stores has steadily improved; meanwhile, Suning.com has attracted 2,071 cloud franchised stores for retail and 112 franchised stores of Dia.


Suning.com announced that, on Mar.15 of this year, namely its shopping festival, it will put the focus on and mainly update home appliances, 3C, decoration & kitchen & bathroom items, living and household products, groceries and supermarket items, etc., besides, it will further invest RMB1 billion as subsidies paid to buyers for the upgrade and subsequent collection of obsolete home appliances.





(Source: JJgle.com)

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