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HomePage > News > 740 Million RMB Amount of China Domestic Furniture Purchases of May, Shandong Province Leads
740 Million RMB Amount of China Domestic Furniture Purchases of May, Shandong Province Leads
Source:     2018-06-28 16:20

According to incomplete statistics from the “Government Procurement Information” reporter, in May, 630 furniture procurement projects were completed through open tendering, competitive negotiation, and inquiry, and purchases totaled 740 million yuan, an increase of approximately 61% over the previous period with the year-on-year growth of 48%.


In May, 185 projects of furniture purchases in the country have a scale of more than one million yuan, and the purchase amount was about 600 million yuan, 80% of the total domestic procurement amount. Thus, it is obvious that the project of over one million yuan has played a very important role in the growth of furniture purchases of May.


Shandong Province Leads 

In terms of the scale of furniture purchases in all regions of the country, Shandong led the country with 99.97 million yuan, followed by Fujian with a procurement volume of 81.67 million yuan, and Yunnan ranked third with 73.58 million yuan, Zhejiang and Guangdong with the purchasing scale RMB 66.57 million and RMB 49.60 million, ranking fourth and fifth respectively. In terms of the number of procurement projects, Shandong completed a total of 85 projects. Both the scale of procurement and the number of projects ranked first. . Fujian and Henan ranked second and third respectively with 62 and 54 furniture purchases.  




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