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Ali 5.453 billion yuan investment actually home ownership of 15% to become the second largest

February 11 news, a number of media reports said Beijing actually home Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd. andAlibabaGroup today announced the completion of a new retail strategic cooperation, Ali 5.553 billion yuan investment actually home, holding 15%, becoming its second largest shareholder.


It is reported that, in addition to Ali, Yunfeng Fund, letter Zhongli, Sequoia Capital,Jiuding investment, Boyu Capital, a total of 16 investment institutions are also among the investors.


According to the agreement, Alibaba will help to fully digitalize the stores 'sales. Based on the opening of member systems and digitization of products, Alibaba will realize the scene reconstruction and experience upgrade of consumers' choice of materials and furniture. At the same time, both parties will work together to build a platform for cloud decoration, and reconstruct the home improvement industry model from the perspective of decoration design, material purchase and construction management.


The data show that actually home was established in 1999, the main industry for the home, while covering interior design and decoration, furniture, building materials sales, smart logistics, business exhibition, financial services, cross-border electricity suppliers, food supermarkets and other consumer areas.


In 2018, the new retail battle intensified. February 2, Tencent to 2.5 billion purchaseSea Orchid House5.31% stake, at the same time, the two sides jointly set up 10 billion apparel industry investment funds. February 3,BackgammonAnnouncement, announced the signing of "strategic cooperation framework agreement" with Tencent.


January 29, Tencent joint Suning,Jingdong, Sunac Wanda signed a strategic investment agreement with the business, plans to invest about 34 billion acquisition of Wanda Commercial Hong Kong H shares withdrawn from the investors held about 14% of the shares. The main direction of cooperation is also new retail.