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American tax abatement benefits Chinese furniture exports

In 2017, the export growth of Chinese furniture basically maintained between 4%-5%. The United States is the main export destination for Chinese furniture. The recovery of the US economy provided a strong impetus for the export growth of China's furniture industry.

Under the background of tax reform in the US which stimulated overseas industries and capital flows, the US economy will further accelerate to warm up and will continue to benefit the export of Chinese furniture.

It is basically confirmed that Chinese furniture industry maintains the growth of 10% in 2017, in view of the whole, and the market size will be close to trillions.

But under the background of abating support of real estate, the growth of the industry will return to the normal growth of 7%-8% in the next year.

For the enterprises, the furniture enterprises have set the development direction of quickly seizing market share at the present time. Meanwhile after being integrated into confirmed development direction for the custom-made future industry, the follow-up unit price of custom-made future enterprises will be greatly improved.