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HomePage > News > China High Red Oak Storage With Its Price Difficult to Pull Up
China High Red Oak Storage With Its Price Difficult to Pull Up
Source:     2018-11-23 13:26



Under the influence of Sino-US trade war and market liquidity, the North American timber market is still difficult to pick up in the near future. Most of the demand for timbers is maintaining a weak consolidation trend, even for those with large demand in the market such as Red Oak without exception.


Some merchants said that due to the impact of tariff increases, the purchase cost of Red Oak continued to rise, but the inventory of red rubber in the domestic market was too much, which led to the enthusiasm of merchants to purchase new goods, and the market price was difficult to increase effectively. At present, the red rubber in the Guangdong market is 2.15-3.05m long, 2 inches thick, and the FAS grade is 7800-8300 yuan/m3.


(Source: JJgle.com)

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