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China's Furniture Brand InYard Received 10M Rmb of Pre-A Round of Financing

2018-07-10 Tag: InYard China
InYard , China,China
The home brand “InYard” has completed the 10,000-yuan RMB Pre-A round of financing. This round of financing was led by 4 Chinese venture capitals. At the end of last year, InYard team completed the angel round of financing.
Corrine, founder and CEO of InYard, said that in order to ensure product quality and to cope with the rapid new product strategy, the team's last phase of energy is mainly on the self-built factory, plus the exclusive supply chain in the previous period. End capacity has been able to meet demand. After this round of financing, InYard will also invest more experience in the expansion of the front-end market.
InYard , China,China
In addition to the design innovation, the fast reverse of the supply chain is a major highlight of the new furniture brand, and the traditional furniture brand is different from the new product. InYard can be made on a monthly basis.
InYard will be updated on a monthly basis, such as sofas, beds, and cabinets. Then, according to the purchase and conversion of consumers, the subsequent production and new planning will be decided.
This month, InYard's first offline store started operating. InYard will first base on 2~3 stores to determine the overall layout, so the number of stores will not be pursued in the short term.
(Source: JJGLE.COM)