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China's Smart Home Level Only Reaches 1/6 of the US

2018-08-10 Tag: China Smart Home US
"The data shows that 2020-2030 will be the high-speed growth stage of China's smart home development. The total size of the smart home market is expected to reach 139.6 billion yuan in 2020. From the perspective of the popularity of smart homes, the US is currently 5.8% and Japan is 1.3%. Germany is 1.2%, while China is only 0.9%, only 1/6 of US, there is still much development space for Chinese Smart Home."
 China Smart Home
China Smart Home Market Size in 2018 is nearly 140 Billion Yuan
At the Easyhome Appliances and Smart Home Merchants Summit, the above data shows the huge potential of China's smart home market. For example, Wang Ning, president of Beijing Easyhome Home Chain Group Co., Ltd. said: “Electrical and smart home products, as an important area for leading consumption upgrades, have become a hot spot for industrial development and a capital chasing place in recent years. In terms of e-commerce, traditional home stores, and electrical appliances, both the store and the real estate channel have made great progress. In the next 3-5 years, the electrical and smart home industry in China will enter the outbreak period with the consumption upgrade, and the development potential of the overall market is immeasurable."
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