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China's environmental protection tax has been officially launched, and the price hike has reached a peak

In December 2017, a number of customized enterprises in China have issued a notice of price increases, which has attracted high attention from the market.

In December alone, more than 20 custom home companies issued price increases. On December 1, the Crown Company sent a notice to the dealer for a price advance. The 6th day, a letter of reply from HIGOLD. The 7th day, Notice of increase in price of OPPEIN furniture Holike followed by the announcement of the price increase on December 9.

It is not difficult to find in many price appreciation letters, the reason for the price adjustment of custom home is nearly the same. Take OPPEIN as an example, the price adjustment notice issued by the company wrote that the purchase price of raw materials in domestic manufacturing industry has been greatly increased due to the influence of national environmental protection policies and market regulation. In 2018, the company's products are expected to increase by 10% to 15% year-on-year. In addition, if the order of OPPEIN mall in December 2017 is not in accordance with the order conditions, the order will be deducted according to the estimated amount, and the new price will be implemented as of January 1, 2018.

From January 1 this year, China's environmental protection tax was formally introduced, and the pollution discharge fee system for nearly 40 years was withdrawn from the stage, which is the first green tax in China. From the current situation, it is true that the tax collection of environmental protection will increase the manufacturing cost of some industries and enterprises in the short term, and thus force relevant enterprises to transform and upgrade under environmental protection policies.

Affected by the environmental policy, the price of customized home-related raw materials such as boards, metal cartons, foam and glass has risen sharply, with the increase of 5% to 12%. It is understood that the trend of China's timber price index continues to rise in 2017, and industry experts predict that the price of timber industry will continue to rise in 2018.