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HomePage > News > Chinese Young Designer Frank Chou Will Be in Furniture China 2018 For the New Project 'COC'
Chinese Young Designer Frank Chou Will Be in Furniture China 2018 For the New Project 'COC'
Source:     Aug. 01, 2018 09:57
According to the new home retail trend report released by McKinsey, local Chinese brands are still selling products, but the transition to lifestyle penetration has begun.
From selling products to selling lifestyles, face of the change of the end market, the design and manufacture from the front end of the home industry is also welcoming a new ecosystem. In the words of Frank Chou, a well-known Chinese designer and founder of Frank Chou Design Studio, “China’s home furnishing industry has reached a point of transformation and upgrading.”
In this context, this year's Furniture China & Maison Shanghai, together with China National Furniture Association, will hold the first COC exhibition (Creation of Creators). The promoter is Mr. Wang Mingliang, founder of Furniture China & Maison Shanghai with Frank Chou, and it has invited the Malaysian Chinese designers and senior advertisers PYD as a curator, revealed his strength and ambition to help transform and upgrade China's home furntishing industry.
frank chou

Frank Chou, COC and Frank Chou Design Studio Founder


The biggest innovation of COC is that this is the first display platform for comprehensive creative groups. It will not only reflect the contemporary and internationalization of visual expression, but also reflect the contemporary industrial issues, social stage and future development.
Frank Chou believes that the true branding transformation and upgrading is the real injection of design-driven and the mining and modeling of design genes. Product design is certainly one of the most important aspects, but most product designs are not equal to the successful establishment of design drivers and genes. Product design should be in the design strategy, design management and business involved; at the same time, it must cooperate with the creative cooperation of other chain links such as plane, modeling and photography.
The “creator” at COC will include, but is not limited to, photographers, graphic designers, stylists, independent media, design management plans, etc.
About Frank Chou Design Studio:
Frank Chou Design Studio which was founded by Frank Chou now has become the most representative independent design studio in China. The studio captures the essence of material and object and creates elegant and long-lasting design pieces. The founder and creative director Frank Chou was born in Beijing where the traditional and contemporary era were alternating rapidly, and he came with interesting and creative things, including design, art, music and film. Leaded by him, the studio tries to balance aesthetic differences between the East and West through an unique perspective, and to find the Chinese modern design expression which is also synchronizing with the international design.
(Source: JJGLE.COM)
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