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HomePage > News > Design Recipes: Bringing mid-century into your present
Design Recipes: Bringing mid-century into your present
Source:     Sept. 12, 2018 14:46


When you think of the mid-century modern look, what comes to your mind? Architecture? Furniture?


Mid-century modern is often used to describe a period in design centred around the middle of the 20th century. Clean, hard lines, brass finishes and solid hardwoods dominated, as did classic furniture pieces that are making a comeback.


The beauty of mid-century modern design is the pieces are timeless, and they can be a staple that won’t go out of style.


Looking for ways to incorporate mid-century modern decor? Here are some areas of the home and some furniture suggestions to infuse a mid-century modern feel and vibe.


Dining areas

Dining rooms are one of the main areas to easily incorporate aspects of mid-century modern decor. Don’t know where to begin? Here are some basic elements.

• Oval-shaped dining tables. Ovals are a classic shape in mid-century modern furniture, and they won’t go out of style.

• Lacquer finishes. Love it or hate it, lacquer is making a bold comeback, from kitchen cabinets to furniture. Whether you desire a glossy or more matte finish, lacquer is one way to infuse a mid-century modern vibe.

• Classic mid-century modern dining chairs. There are so many different yet classic chair styles that help define the mid-century modern period. Don’t be afraid to mix and match by pairing mid-century modern chairs with furniture from another period. For example, mid-century modern dining chairs look great with both glass tables as well as antiques.


Living areas

Living areas and other main social areas such as family rooms are key places to incorporate mid-century modern decor in different ways.

• Shag rugs. Think soft and fluffy, solid coloured and sleek. Shag rugs come in various thicknesses and shapes and can help anchor and define a space.

• Walnut and solid hardwood furniture. Easily identifiable and often associated with mid-century modern period furniture, walnut and hardwoods in rich, deep tones can add a classic and refined feel to nearly any space.

• Tufted leather side chairs. Tufted furniture, including pieces made out of leather, are often associated with the mid-century modern period.

Butterscotch, olive, white and black are leather colours often found on mid-century furniture pieces.


(Source: timescolonist.com)

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