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HomePage > News > Easyhome hand in Suning to Sell Home Furniture and Home Appliance Together?
Easyhome hand in Suning to Sell Home Furniture and Home Appliance Together?
Source:     2019-02-21 13:33

After negotiating with Suning, Easyhome said that it has formally reached a cooperation intention with Suning on major development, exhibition, retail, logistics, finance, B2B and other aspects.




It is reported that the main participants in the cooperation negotiations are Beijing Easyhome New Retail Chain Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Suning.com Sales Co., Ltd.


Easyhome said that after the cooperation with Suning, Easyhome will continue to adhere to the "one core, three major integration" development strategy, with the development of home store chain as the core, to achieve online and offline integration, large home and large consumer integration and industry. The chain upstream and downstream synergistically integrates three major integrations.


It is understood that in the near future, the Easyhome regional branch has intensively reached cooperation with the Suning regional branch.


On December 7, 2018, Hubei Suning signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hubei Easyhome. The two parties announced that they will cooperate in all aspects through mutual resources sharing, membership rights exchange, retail terminal resource sharing, joint marketing, and cross-border drainage to build a home, building materials, home appliance ecosystem.


On December 21, 2018, Suning.com signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the northwest district of Easyhome, saying that it will cooperate in the use of big data tools, member data sharing, marketing promotion, back-end resource sharing and collaborative development to jointly build home appliances, a new format of home integration.


On January 9, 2019, Easyhome Sichuan Branch announced a strategic cooperation with Suning.com in Southwest China.



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