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HomePage > News > Exhibition of 100 Different Chairs & Stools by WE+, the New Forces of Design in China
Exhibition of 100 Different Chairs & Stools by WE+, the New Forces of Design in China
Source:     2018-06-26 10:08

Shanghai Fuxing Square


「Stay With Me」

Recently, in Shanghai Fuxing Square (109 Yandang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai) is being held a distinguished chair and stool exhibition named "Stay With Me".  About 100 differents chairs and stools selected from 52 China furniture brands, independent design studios and college students was exhibited and displayed into 3 differents spaces according to their style and function: House Beautiful, Frontier Art and Ideal Home.


Booth on 1st floor


Hosted By WE+LAB, a community commercial brand belongs to WE+cowork, one of the leading co-working space operators in China, Exhibition "Stay With Me" insists to bring the original design to the public to maintain the beauty and high quality of urban home lifestyle.



Part of Chairs Displayed 


Wangkai, Shanghai General Manager of We+cowork said that:" WE+LAB emphasises on serving people who have "common values". Via this exhibition of 100 chairs and stools, visitors could find and buy their ideal chairs and stools, and enjoy the different design of works from chinese new designers. And We+Lab has made a direct relationship of cooperation with those 52 furniture brands and design studios, which is different from the traditional investment team's work style."


About WE+cowork

WE+cowork is one of the leading co-working space operators in China, encompassing nearly 20 cities across the world. including San Francisco, Helsinki, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen.

By offering design spaces, business services and investments, we endeavor to develop a working environment that encourages communication, nurtures innovative ideas and fosters cooperation. We have established a global innovative and creative ecosystem among nearly 60 spaces across the world.


About WE+LAB

Belongs to We+ Group, WE+LAB was established in 2017. It is a commercial space brand serving China design brands. Its team continues to pay attention to the trend and development of China design brands and make a depth research of the requirements of design brands. With “category aggregation” as the core, it outputs interesting values ​​and content within a single project.


Chairs & Stools Appreciation


Endless Form-MC010-D-Matt

MC010-D-Matt by Endless Form


Endless Form is a groundbreaking furniture brand known for its diversity and personalization. Founded by Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab in 2014, it was officially launched in 2018. 

hyfen-aa High chair
 AA High Chair by hyfen
 AA High Chair by hyfen
hyfen-Folding chair
 Folding chair by hyfen
hyfen is a collection of original design product created and curated by HCWD Studio and the collaborated designers, who focus on bridging human sense, physics, material and geometry, look into the essence of routine subjects, extract the critical elements from others, and link them together to create strange-familiar new objects that recompose how we interact with environment and daily life.
 Silhouette Chair by PATCHLIVING
Founded in Beijing, Patch Living is a pioneer design brand.

JiaZhuang Stool by URBANCRAFT


URBANCRAFT is a contemporary design brand founded by Ximi Li. URBANCRAFT seeks to discover and integrate unique cultural elements of different regions around the world into its works.


蔡烈超-Power Chair 

Power Chair by Mario Tsai (Cai Liechao)


Mario Tsai Studio founded  in Hangzhou China in 2014, focus on furniture, product and interior.
 STRING by Chen Jiahui/Jin Mengdi/He Lewei
Yu-Handmade Leather Sewing Chair by Dai Tian


Spring Stool by Hard Work Workshop


Established in October 2014 in China. "Hard Work" is a state of active optimism, suffering and pleasure.


Santa Chair by Tan Zhipeng 

Satan’s chair by Tan Zhipeng


Gallery All Chinese Contract designer, graduated from the China Academy of Art, Tan Zhipeng has already took his works in Salon Art + Design and Design Miami/Basel and received lots of adomirations. 


armchair by zhiyin

Armchair by ZIINLIFE


 Founded in 2013 in SH, ZIINLIFE rewarded by 2018 DESIGN SHANGHAI PICKS AWARD, 
V Chair by Li Sheng
CONTI-V Chair by Li Sheng 
CONTI, founded in 2012 by Li Sheng and Qian Xiaokun, insists on independent design.
Beike Chair by Yitian Design Studio
Whale Stool
Whale Stool by Zhang Yingyu
Chair by Zhu Weiqi



If you want to cooperate with the Chinese designers, design studios or furniture brands above, or want to get their contact information, please e-mail us (Jigle@ubmsinoexpo.com), we will help you at the first time!


(Source: JJGLE.COM)




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