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Italian furniture VS. China market: Which one is hesitating?

This year is the second year when Salone del Mobile. Milano has been located in Shanghai for two years. For the first hour of the first day of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai, the sponsor gave an emergency information: "The exhibition scene has been crowded, the tickets are not sold temporarily".


Italian furniture, Chinese market,Italian furniture VS. China market: Which one is hesitating?


The Italian exhibitors were shocked at the enthusiasm of the visitors in Shanghai for the exhibition. The pre-sales price of the ticket of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai was RMB 200 for one ticket and the sales price on site was RMB 400 for one ticket no matter for the children or the adults. To ensure the quality of visiting the exhibition, the sponsor decided to limit the people flow.


In this year, the sponsor sells tickets on the internet by reservation instead of on-site sales of the ticket, and the ticket buyers only need to verify the identification on site. According to the opinion of Mr. Claudio Luti, the chairman of the organization committee: "We have carefully classified the visitors. 20,000 exhibition tickets sold all belong to the professional visitors. Through these high-end professionals, we can ensure that we can penetrate the Chinese market in the best mode. We focus on consistently upholding the top quality rather than the quantity."


In a sentence, furniture exhibition is an exhibition guided by sales. Salone del Mobile is Made in Italy. We seek for more Chinese market shares and opportunities rather than a few of orders. But will these so-called professional visitors become the solid foundation just as Claudio Luti said? 


Italy has good traditional wood manufacturing technology and the aesthetics has been popular in all the corners of the life during the renaissance period, so the technology of furniture manufacturing has been keeping a high level and Italian furniture have been popular with all the persons pursuing for beauty. So from the first session, Salone del Mobile.Milano aimed at trade and making money and the target customers are definitely the agent rather than the end users who buy goods in the furniture shopping mall for fitment of their new house.


From the 13 exhibitors at the beginning to the current 2,400 exhibitors, except for the furniture, we also provide different series of supporting design exhibition such as lamp light, bathroom and kitchen furniture, etc. The enthusiasm of Chinese visitors for Salone del Mobile.Milano can be traced to ten years ago when the furniture industry was prosperous and the property market is flourishing, which promote the prosperity of the furniture market.


After many years of investigation, Italian furnishers ultimately decide to bring the Salone del Mobile.Milano to China since the last year. China has such a big market and it is time to come to China.


(Source: JJGLE.COM)