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HomePage > News > Maximum Tax Increase for Mattresses is 1731%? Xilinmen, Manwah Holdings, Healthcare (Dream Lily) and Sinomax Group are all on the List!
Maximum Tax Increase for Mattresses is 1731%? Xilinmen, Manwah Holdings, Healthcare (Dream Lily) and Sinomax Group are all on the List!
Source: JJgle.com     June 03, 2019 10:45

On May 29 (US time), the US Department of Commerce again announced that due to "low-cost dumping," anti-dumping duties will be imposed on mattresses made in China from 38% to a maximum of 1731%.


In this tariff list, well-known companies including Xilinmen, Manwah Holdings, Healthcare (Dream Lily) and Sinomax Group are on the list, but the actual tax rate of most well-known Chinese mattress companies has not been implemented to the highest standards.


For example, Hengkang Home was found to have the lowest dumping rate of 38.56%; Manwah, Xilinmen, Sinomax, EON and other companies were on the list of separate tax rates, with a dumping rate of 74.65%. The list of specific companies with a maximum dumping rate of 1731% was not announced by the US Department of Commerce.


pictures from Furniture Today


Although the US Department of Commerce issued this announcement, it does not mean that the tariff policy has been formally implemented.


According to its judicial process, it must also be finalized by the final decision of the US International Trade Commission (ITC). The following is a timetable for the tariffs on mattress products.


pictures from Furniture Today


Therefore, formal tariff enforcement orders must wait until at least December 1, 2019.


The US Department of Commerce said in the announcement that in 2017, the United States imported 4.6 million mattresses from China, valued at $436.5 million; in 2016, the figure was 1.82 million, valued at $172.1 million.


From 2016 to 2017, only one year, the number of mattresses and total value of Chinese exports to the United States has turned 2.5 times!


As the fourth largest importer of furniture in the United States, Mexico has not been spared.


More than just China, Trump has also launched anti-dumping against Mexico. Trump announced on Twitter on May 31 that the government will impose a 5% tariff on Mexican imports in the next two weeks.



In 2018, Mexico exported $1.1 billion worth of furniture and bedding to the US market, making it the fourth largest source country.



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