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HomePage > News > Mobike and YUUE recycled old bicycles into useful furniture
Mobike and YUUE recycled old bicycles into useful furniture
Source:     2019-04-23 10:19


Mobike – world’s largest bicycle sharing company which lend its services to more than 19 countries including China, Japan, Italy, India, United Kingdom, and many others. In 2018, Mobike cooperated with YiCai and YUUE to recycle ever increasing bicycle waste.


Under its full recycling initiative, Mobike recycled the old bikes into useful furniture such as chairs, coffee tables, candlesticks, vertical lights, etc. Mobike follows “3R” principle of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to benefit from tons of bicycle waste. Mobike follows the waste management principle throughout its R&D, production, operation, maintenance, and recycling. The company regenerates 80% of critical components from the old recycled parts of bikes molded out of magnesium-aluminum alloy.


According to a new report, various daily use necessities are crafted using these old components. Mobike and YUUE product design studio in Berlin, Germany developed a set of new accessories. Weng Xinyu of YUUE design studio designed a total of five new types of furniture. The aim behind to create these products is to “draw public attention to the industry’s flaw and offer an approach on how to generate a surplus by reusing the individual bike parts for furniture production and therefore making it worthwhile for the companies retrieving the bicycles that were towed away.”



The design aesthetics are drawn from its original parts. The useful yet beautiful products are easily designed with basic tools which are available in China quite easily.

Last year, Mobike also partnered with YiCai aiming to reuse or recycle 100,000 old bicycles. The company wants to build new components for smart locks, solar panels, and wheel in compliance with government rules.



These bike-sharing services majorly evolved to tackle alarming pollution levels and instigate healthy living standards among citizens. Various initiatives across different countries led to a sudden boom in the bicycle sharing companies after 2015.




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