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HomePage > News > NUKIN Advanced Customization and Huang Quan “Wei” Series Debut at FURNITURE CHINA 2018
NUKIN Advanced Customization and Huang Quan “Wei” Series Debut at FURNITURE CHINA 2018
Source:     2018-09-25 14:46



On September 12th, the new “Wei” series developed by NUKIN and the well-known designer Huang Quan was officially unveiled at FURNITURE CHINA 2018. The eye-catching "Wei" series takes "continuation" as the core of the spirit, and interprets the theme of "multiple associations of lifestyles caused by furniture" from the perspective of time and space. As a designer of the “Wei” series and this exhibition hall, Huang Quan said frankly that the NUKIN team kept an uninterrupted exploration in the field of luxury haute couture, and he was deeply touched by the professionalism of gradually changing the concept of home decoration and lifestyle change. The recognition and persistence of both sides of life aesthetics is the emotional foundation for this cooperation.


NUKIN & Huang Quan "Wei" series released on-site photo


Mr. Wu Jinzhi, Chairman of NUKIN Group


Designer Huang Quan


"Wei" of time: paying tribute to every process that is taken seriously In the exhibition hall with an area of 400 square meters, designer Huang Quan has created a stylish and yet warm modern home environment. Relying on NUKIN's fine work, home improvement materials such as wood, metal, leather, glass and marble exude an amazing quality. The imported leather from Italy is equipped with NUKIN's proud skinning process, which has become the highlight of the entire "Wei" series. The designer Huang Quan refines the ultimate romance of “Wei” of time, presented by simple and fashionable design, which means that every craft that is taken seriously is like the same eternal and beautiful poem.




"Wei" of space: between traditional and modern, the multi-integration of styles is free from the established style, and the design is more diversified. It is the goal that designer Huang Quan has always adhered to, so as to accommodate cultural diversity. The core concept of "Shanghai Oriental" came into being in his career. In the “Wei” series of exhibition halls, designers can break through the established boundaries by seemingly simple methods such as interspersing, arranging, and tiling, and reach the aesthetic breadth beyond imagination.




NUKIN is a high-grade self-contained brand established in 2007, which mainly serves the overall customization of high-end villa luxury projects. For the past 12 years, NUKIN has been paying attention to design, quality, safety and environmental protection as always, and is committed to creating a personalized, imaginative and happy home environment for users. The pursuit of quality and the excellence of craftsmanship are the only reasons why designers choose NUKIN.


(Source: JJgle.com)








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