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HomePage > News > Prices of Raw Materials, Artificial Rents Affected by Prices of Kitchen Appliances, Household Appliances & Building Materials
Prices of Raw Materials, Artificial Rents Affected by Prices of Kitchen Appliances, Household Appliances & Building Materials
Source:     2018-12-06 09:44

It is reported that at the beginning of this year, household appliances, kitchen appliances, furniture, sanitary ware, building materials and other enterprises collectively raised prices by 5-12%, setting off the first wave of price hikes. In June, as raw material prices continued to rise, many companies announced an increase in product prices. After a lapse of three months, paper, rent, labor and other cost prices once again ushered in a small peak, the industry's another round of price hikes will come!


In recent months, in addition to the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials such as waste paper, nickel and copper, the cost of factory rents and labor has also increased, and the operating costs of enterprises have further increased.


18 paper companies raised the price of waste paper since August


On August 3, the Ministry of Finance issued a $60 billion list of tariffs, levied a 5% tariff on wood pulp, and imposed a 20% tariff on household paper, specialty paper, some cultural papers, and paper products. As the volume of imported waste paper continues to shrink, the supply of domestic raw materials is insufficient, and the domestic waste paper gap will be further expanded. The rise in prices of raw materials such as solid waste and wood pulp has further spurred the rise in paper prices.


Since August, a total of 18 paper companies have adjusted the recycling price of waste paper. Seven of them have adjusted upwards by 100 yuan per ton, and five have adjusted upwards twice. In addition, Chenming Paper, China Paper, Tianhe Paper, Sun Paper, APP and other more than 10 companies have issued price increases, starting in September, the price will increase 200-300 yuan / ton.


In terms of metal nickel, some experts said that due to the recent destocking of stainless steel, the price of stainless steel has increased greatly, and the home appliance and kitchen appliances industry, which are mainly made of steel, will have a significant impact.


(Source: JJgle.com)

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